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♫ La da di da di, this book was shitty ♫

These Broken Stars - Amie Kaufman, Meagan Spooner

What a HUGE disappointment. Stopped on page 280, skimmed the rest.

***Before I start*** 
let me say the writing was not terrible and the first forty pages were simply stunning. Also, I can see why many people would love this, so this review isn't trying to exhort you to change your views/love for this novel. With that being said:

I've been in this situation before: being drawn in by the gorgeous cover, exciting synopsis, glittery praises and entering this book with extremely high expectations only to be let down by the unbearable, dreadful, and annoying story with flat characters as well as a sad excuse of a romance... I've been there before, but WHERE?... ah, yes, All Our Yesterdays. I know this is such a banal thing to say -- and it's been said countless times by many, many, people (including myself) -- but, I really wanted to like this. I've been waiting for its release impatiently; it hurts so much to put this on my "I hate this book" shelf.

Lilac became and insufferable female lead after the crash of the Icarus, constantly pushing Tarver away then leading him on, pushing then leading... like one would do when pushing someone else on a swing; mentioning how her father would do "this" if he found out or would do "that" if he ever saw... constantly.

Lilac, do me a favour and shut up. Forget about what father would do and think abouthow the hell would you get off the terraformed planet alive... and in one piece, I might add. Not only that, but one page she would talk about how much Tarver hates her and how her feelings were mutual; the next it's how badly she wants to tell him how she really likes him. The oscillating "he love me, he loves me not" "I hate him, I hate him not" became tiring. She was a weak protagonist. Always slowing Tarver down. 

Tarver was an OK character, he started off pretty amazing then became boring after the crash. He never failed to say, "Lilac has never been more beautiful" whenever the opportunity would arise.

I did not like this romance at all, despite the fact this wasn't an insta-love (I'll give points for that).

About 75% of These Broken Stars was about trying to survive on this godforsaken and uninhabited planet/jungle, which I didn't like. I know I've read many Dystopia novels about survival, but this was tedious to read and I could not enjoy it. I can acknowledge that it's realistic, but... 

And do not get me started on that out-of-the-blue paranormal twist! After reading 280 pages it was not explained; after skimming I still didn't see any answers/explanations on why these "whispers" suddenly started happening... unless there were explanations and I missed it for skimming. Nevertheless, I will not be picking up the second installment, unfortunately. The ending of this doesn't pique my curiosity, either. (sighs) Honest to God, I'm losing hope for the Dypostia and Science Fiction genre.