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Darkfever (Fever #1) - Karen Marie Moning

I'm only giving this three stars because I admired and loved Mac's persistence and dedication in finding her sister's murderer. My sister and I are very close, I cried after reading about Mac's sister's death because I can't imagine a life without mine's and I would have done the exact same thing Mac did... though I would have fought harder than she did in trying to find the murderer. Apart from THAT, Mac was an OK protagonist, nothing special. Constantly talked about her puurrty eyes and hair and her fantasticcc clothes that had me rolling my eyes in annoyance. I did not like Jericho, the abusive prick. He never apologised for giving her a bruise and the fact that he grabbed her by her throat multiple times. The guy's a fucking lunatic. 

Meeehhh, this book was OK, kind of dull. The prologue is the best read I received out of the entire novel. I didn't get the sex concept with the Faes and 

I don't get why Mac vomits and shivers whenever she encounters an OOP as well as the Senisar Duhb

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. This book had so much potential; sometimes the writing became mediocre. Don't have much to say about this except it was disappointing and I had high expectations.