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I solemnly swear this post is up to no good (spoiler alert!)


Allegiant  - Veronica Roth

Veronica Roth:

Well, I tried writing this review without there being any spoilers, but it’s rather impossible – for me, at least. So, readers beware.

Veronica can do so much better than this, so so much. The second Tobias’ PoV was introduced I knew Tris was going to pull some heroic sacrificial bullshit and get her ass killed. I fucking knew it. Not a tear was shed from me… not a single fuck was given. Yes, dear readers, call me a Satanist slash sadist for all I care. I saw no point in this move – perhaps Roth wanted to be unique and inspiring with her story; nevertheless, it was still unnecessary. 

Apart from that, Allegiant is an entirely different story, entirely different. The book was confusing. I wasn’t pissed whilst reading, I wasn’t saddened, hell, I wasn’t evenbored. I was reading this book with a blank expression. Constantly I kept forgetting I was reading a book that’s a continuance of the Divergent trilogy. The terms “Divergent” and “Divergence” were a reminder that I was, indeed, reading the final installment. I’m sorry to say this, but: this was the dumbest book I’ve read in 2013

Allegiant was a hot ass fucking mess. The character development as well as the world-building was tragic. It was not explained how Tris survived the death serum, we were only given half-assed, clouded ideas. The romance fell off a cliff and shattered on sharp rocks at the bottom, the relationship between Tris and Tobias failed to impress me. The whole BOOK failed to impress me. It hurts me to say this because I adore Veronica Roth. No one, and I mean no one can change my mind about this book: you can write a mile long essay about why you felt this book was perfectly wrapped and poignant, you can say how wrong I am, you can say just about anything and I still wouldn't give a flying Ford Anglia.

I remember Roth wrote a blog post about wanting Harry Potter to be killed off because "it would have showed the greatest act of sacrifice and love". I don't know what her fucking deal is with killing people off because "it shows real love". No, it doesn't. That's not always the route to take; there are other ways of showing true love and sacrifice. There's always another way. 

The minute the characters went out the fence, the story fell even further into the pit of stupidity. Allegiant tried to be preachy. The government (or should I say the Bureau) in here plays (or is) God. We are introduced to superfluous explanations on why we have the factions and the factionless. We learn about Genetic Purity and the Genetically Damaged. Genetic Purity meaning Divergence; Genetically Damaged meaning belonging to one faction with fucked up genes. We also find out Tobias is, in fact, not Divergent, but Genetically Damaged which gives Allegiant, yet, ANOTHER twist that's pointless with dramatic arguments. Come the fuck ON. I am not impressed. 

OH, how can I forget? Tris' mother was part of this Bureau. HOW FUCKING EXCITING OMFG!!1!!11!!! /sarcasm
What else do you want to throw in to make this all the more amazing and special?

Honest to God I wish I had something nice to say about Allegiant. There's an attempt at a love triangle here between Nita and Tobias, there's an attempt at something unique with this story, but the alternating PoV between Tris and Tobias and everything I've stated above ruined everything. Also, I didn't like Tobias' voice here, Roth did not do a good job with portraying a male protagonist. I kept hearing a female voice in my head, constantly thinking it was Tris'. Did Veronica have this all planned out since the first book? If it was then it wasn't very good and thorough. This book is a flat out FAIL.