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Brace yourselves, readers. You're entering a blog with belligerent rants/reviews, chaotic writings, incompetent; pointless fangirling... and, oh yeah, GIFS. Fuckloads of them... did I also mention some swearing? I'm an eighteen-year-old girl majoring in Theatre Arts. I may not be an excellent writer, but gosh, I love doing it.

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So after seeing The Holy Terror's status update on a new site called Leafmarks.com, I decided to read what it's about:


Unfiltered reviews. Unbridled creative freedom. Friends and a community that you trust.

Leafmarks came about because we love books. We really love books. And we want to share that with others. So our mission is to bring together like-minded literature lovers from all over the world. We find that words in the form of a story, a book review, or any form of expression can be entertaining, poignant and insightful.

Beyond connecting those in the reading community, Leafmarks likes to "up the ante" and take it a step further. Because Leafmarks is a place where you not only can keep track of what you've read, rate and review books, and organize your books in shelves, but also express yourself openly and creatively. It is a space in which freedom of speech and expression will always be upheld. Only when that is achieved do we feel that discussion and interaction become meaningful. Leafmarks will strive to make sure that this site will always remain true and honest. We hope to help readers connect with one another, tell their own stories, and find new and exciting reading adventures!

Check out our FAQ page with more details regarding what you can do on this site.


I definitely made an account.