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Brace yourselves, readers. You're entering a blog with belligerent rants/reviews, chaotic writings, incompetent; pointless fangirling... and, oh yeah, GIFS. Fuckloads of them... did I also mention some swearing? I'm an eighteen-year-old girl majoring in Theatre Arts. I may not be an excellent writer, but gosh, I love doing it.

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So... Goodreads

I know I said I was going to delete my damn account (many, many times), but whenever I look at that "delete my account" link, I cringe. I've been on that site for two years... two damn years and had such a fun time. I can't just give it up like that. I know some of you have been on longer and deleted faster than a man can blink, but I can't seem to do it. I haven't been reviewing on there since September (although I did post a little 'review' of my DNF The Book Thief in October), but that's all. (Sighs) I don't know, I still love GR... but then again I hate it. I guess you could say I'm hurt and angry at it. I'm treading cautiously, though. Goodreads is on eggshells, one more shit move can make those eggshells break. I'll see how things go next year.