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Beauty Pop Vol. 1 by Kiyoko Arai

Beauty Pop, Vol. 1 - Kiyoko Arai

What a cute manga! I devoured this in just a few hours today on my way to college; I was giggling on the bus like a middle-schooler. 

Meet Kiri-chan, an undercover hair beautician. She doesn't make a big deal about her "magic" hands, she merely helps girls who feel "ugly" within an hour. She's a very chill main character -- always tired, but always kind... unless you're one of the three boys at school in the Scissors Project. These boys handpick beautiful girls with shoulder-length hair for a makeover. 

The main character in the S.P. is Narumi; let me tell you, he's a class A asshole... but atolerable one. I got a real kick out of him: so boastful, so arrogant, so dramatic. Usually I'd drop a novel when the male MC becomes insufferable with his douche-y-ness, but I couldn't put this manga down simply because I couldn't wait for "Mysterious X" to put Narumi's scissors where his mouth is in the Cultural Festival. Only problem: there was a cliffhanger, ugh! I'm angry.

***This manga is by all means predictable, but it's still a light and fun read nonetheless.***

BTW, I really liked Kei from the S.P., he was funny. I can relate to him with his love of food. 




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